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Head of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Our age is one of knowledge and information, more precisely, one of knowledge and information production. Just as the preceding century was an era of production, distribution and marketing of industrial products, the century in which we are is one of production, distribution and marketing of knowledge and information. The market has got diversified. In this diversified market, companies existing throughout the country should show up in the area of mobile and digital technology. Briefly, to produce technology is the duty of companies, and those which will produce and improve know-how are the universities.

Sectors or modern organisations, institutions and entities and individuals therein and their actions may not survive as disconnected structures.  Both organisations and individuals need processes of reciprocal communication and interaction between them. Common desire of those who decide that knowledge is knowledge and information is information including, without limitation, those who produce and consume knowledge and information, public opinion, image makers and advertising sector is to produce and provide knowledge, to produce and provide information, to design and sell image. Sectors related to communication including, without limitation, media organisations fulfil the function of making events and activities visible, known and audible through knowledge, information, promotion, image making/designing. Individual(s) or entities that produce knowledge and information determine what content will be shared “when”, “where” and “how” and how they will be communicated to target groups and manage the process. While faculties of communication have increased in number in the universal teaching of the said communication processes in the world and in our country, the sectoral areas have also increased and diversified; locally broadcasting corporations have been added to those that broadcast on natural and international levels. Need for qualified personnel who would work in the sector has made it felt at all times.

In this process, faculties of communication have made and will keep making significant contributions to the formation of corporate cultures, accurate and direct information of people, freedom of thought, proliferation of democracy and peoples’ knowing and learning their rights as well as bringing up qualified personnel. It is the medium- and long-term goal of the HKU Faculty of Communication to bring up generation acting as per professional and ethical rules and to diversify the resources in the production of technology, knowledge, equipment and information complying with the technologies of the digital and mobile world in accordance with the changes in the world of media. It is the basic purpose, mission and future goal of the HKU Faculty of Communication to carry out media analyses not only at the teaching stage but also in the area of research, to be aware of the feelings and thoughts of literate groups, to include “applied” studies to be obtained in the field as well as basic communication and media teachings and obtain normative values from such studies, to combine the academic and professional worlds on the “new media” and, most important of all, to try to improve the leadership characteristics and decision-making abilities of the young generations.


Prof. Dr. Lecturer Atiye GÜNER