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HKU Host Journalist Fuat Kozluklu

HKU Host Journalist Fuat Kozluklu

Journalist nd Presenter Fuat Kozluklu was a guest in the interview entitled “News and propaganda” organised by the Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Communication of the Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU).
The programme taking place in the New Auditorium at the Hasan Kalyoncu University was attended by the HKU Chancellor Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz, HKU Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Edibe Sözen and a great number of academicians and students from the HKU Visual Communication Design and Political Science and International Relations Departments.

“My intention was to witness history”
Having told how he had started his professional life and shared his professional knowledge and experience of half a century with the guests, Fuat Kozluklu said, “My intention in working as a journalist was to witness history.” Having told that working as a journalist at a place where bombs fell was a human duty, Kozluklu said, “We can work as journalists only if we are human. If we prevent our journalism from getting ahead of human values, compassion, sense of decency, we can share the fact in a fair manner.”

“Journalism Is a Profession of Learning”
Having stated that he had learned a lot of things while working as a journalist and that his profession was one of learning, Fıat Kozluklu spoke as follows: “I am now at the Hasan Kalyoncu University, which is an institution where learning is most valuable. I see that you study here with an ideal. Hasan Kalyoncu University has a significant campus atmosphere. I believe that valuable information is shared here.”
having stated that propaganda was so important an area which was used by the leading neurologists, psychologists and communication specialists of the world, Kozluklu spoke as follows: “Propaganda is a subject which is the science and art of convincing. What is important is that one can perform this profession without discriminating between languages, religions and races and without giving credit to the hate speech.”

At the end of the programme which proceeded in the form of questions and answers, the HKU Vice-Chancellor and Dean of HKU Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Edibe Sözen presented a plaque to Fuat Kozluklu. The programme came to an end after a family photo.