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3rd Golden Baklava Film Festival

3rd Golden Baklava Film Festival

The third of the “Golden Baklava Film Festival” which is organised and of which patent has been obtained by the Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) started with film screenings and interviews with celebrities.

Upon the beginning of the Golden Baklava Film Festival traditionalised and organised every year by HKU, cinema lovers have gathered together in Gaziantep. An intense interest has been observed in the film festival which will last two days and which is held for the third time this year. The contest which is open to all university students studying at home and abroad has turned to a film celebration in which the contestants who participate in the 3rdGolden Baklava Film Festival have vehemently competed in fictional and documentary film categories.

Recommendations to Cinema lovers from Famous Director Ömer Faruk Sorak

Ömr faruk Sorak, who directed several popular films such as Vizontele, Gora, Yahşi Batı, 8 Saniye, Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever, has mt with students at HKU. Having mentioning his own self, his films and his life and replying questions from students, Sorak was welcomed so warmly. Having said that he would like to be engaged in cinema if he were born again, Sorak emphasised that he loved cinema very much and that one should first love cinema very much in order to do this job. Sorak further gave recommendations to the young filmmakers who want to be engaged in cinema and shoot films. Sorak said, “To be engaged in cinema first starts with loving cinema so much. My greatest recommendation to young filmmakers is that they should never lose heart and never give in. It is of course important to shoot films and produce works of good quality, but another thing which is as important as these is to be able to convey the film so shot to proper places. If young people have shot a film, they should make good use of the social media. They may introduce their films by advertising them in the social media. Further, young directors must definitely send the films they shoot to film contests. The more they send their films to film contests the more they make their names in places.” Having replied the questions from students, Sorak was presented a plaque at the end of the day.

Famous Judges in Gaziantep for Golden Baklava

This year’s theme in the festival in which fictional and documentary films on various topics that are shorter than 20 minutes has been identified as “Those Who Make History in Turkey”. The films elected thematically will be awarded the special award of the panel of judges. The panel of judges of the festival which is an inter-university film platform was presided by Hülya Koçyiğit. The gala and award ceremony of the festival in which Engin Alan Dizyatan and Ömer Faruk Sorak were members in the panel of judges will take place at the HKU Congress and Cultural Centre on 4thMay and the winning films will be handed their awards.

The films that were successful in their respective categories as a result of the contest will be handed their awards of achievement in the gala evening. It has been announced by the authorities that the top three films will be individually awarded in the “Documentary and Fictional” categories.